QUESTOR, Mrs. M., son and daughter
QUINN, Mrs. Mary and child, Eighth and Ave. L
QUINN, Mrs. Thomas, Eighth and Ave. L
QUINN, John, engineer, Sixth and Ave. H., missing
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RAAB, George W. and wife

RADEKER, Mrs. Herman and child
RADFORD, Mattie Eva, colored, Thirty-second and Ave. Q 1/2
RADFORD, CLAUDIE G., (colored)
RADFORD, John A., (colored)
RALEIGH, Miss Lelia, 816 Winnie
RANDOLPH, Edith, (colored)
RAVEY, family
RAYBURN, Crawford, 1624 Ave. M 1/2
RATISSEAU, Baptiste, wife and three children (Louis saved)
RATISSEAU, J. B., wife and four children
RATISSEAU, C. A., wife and seven thildren
RATISSEAU, Mrs. W. L., and three children
RATISSEAU, Mrs. J. L., and three children
RATTISSEAU, A., wife and three children, Ave. S between Forty-first and Forty-second
RAW, Mr., at Lafitte grove
RAY, Hy, wife, sister and three children
RAY, Miss Susie
READER, ______, family
READS, Rutter, wife and children, Forty-third and Ave. T
REAGAN, Mrs. Pat and son, Sixth and Ave. I
REAGAN, Mrs. John J., 420 Center Street
REGAN, Mike, wife and mother-in-law
REAGAN, H. J., wife and five children, Thirty-fifth and Ave. S 1/2
RE M [sic], Wm., wife and two children, Tenth and Eleventh and Ave. M 1/2
REIN, _____, wife and daughter, Thirty-ninth and Ave. R
REINHART, Agnes and Helen, daughters of John
REHUN, Wm., wife and two children, Ave. M 1/2 between Eleventh and Twelfth
REYMANSCOTT, Louie, Ave. Q between Twenty-third and Twenty-fourth
RHEA,, Mrs. M. E. and daughter, Mary, of Buford, Tenn.
RHINE, John, wife and five children, Thirty-ninth and Ave. T
RHINE, Frank and George, Thirty-ninth between Ave. R and R 1/2
RHODES, Miss Ella of Galveston, trained nurse inJohn Sealy hospital
RHODES, Annie, colored, cook of Mrs. W. T. Sherwood
RICE, William J., of Galveston News, and little daughter Mildred
RICE, Iqa (?) and Fisher, colored
RICHARDS, F. L, officer, wife and one child
RICHARUDERES, Mrs. Irene and baby
RICHARDSON, S. W. and wife, 2304 Ave. Q
RICHARDSON, William, colored
RICHARDSON, William M., 4413 Winnie
RICKE, Tony and wife
RIESEL, Mrs. Lulu and two boys, Ray and Edna, Kinkead addition
RILEY, Mrs. W. and two children
RILEY, Solomon and wife, Sixteenth between Ave. N and N 1/2
RIPKE, Thomas B., wife and four children, 2018 Ave. P 1/2
RITCHIE, Miss Helena A., Sixth and Ave. I
RITTER, Mrs. William (Charley), Twenty-first and Ave. P
RIMMELIN, Edward H. and wife, Ave. N between Twelfth and Thirteenth
RING, J., proof reader Galveston News, and two children
RIZZI, Domenick, Tenth and Ave. M
RHEA, Mrs. and Miss Mamie Rhea of Gilese County, Tenn
RHYMES, Mrs. Thomas, wife and two children
ROACH, Annie
ROBERTS, Herbert M., yard cleerk Galveston, Houston and Northern Railroad
ROBERTS, John T., watchman
ROBBINS, Mrs. H. B., of Smith's Point, visiting W. H. Nelson
ROBERTS, (Shorty), battery O
ROCHFORD, Ben and wife, Eleventh and Ave. A
RODNEY, Henrietta, Thirty-ninth and Ave. R.
ROEMER, C. G. and wife, Tenth and Ave. L
ROEMER, Elizabeth, wife of A. C.
ROEHM, Mrs. and Mrs. William and two children
ROEMER, J. C. and wife
ROGERS, Blanch Donald, niece of D. B.
ROHL, John, wife and five children
ROHN, Annie (colored)
ROPER, Mrs. Eliza, colored, Eleventh and Ave. N
ROSE, Mrs. Franklin
ROSE, John
ROSE, H., wife and children
ROSE'S [sic], (Mrs). baby
ROSELLI, Angelica
ROSELLI, Josephine
ROSELLI, Francis
ROSI, G. and two children
ROSS, nine-year-old child of Mrs. Ross of Houston
ROSSE, Mrs. I., and three children, Nineteenth and Ave. P
ROSIN, Hermann, wife and five children, Hermann, Willie, John, Fritz and Henry
ROSSALLE, B., wife and three children
ROSSIAN, John and wife, down the island
ROSSIAN, five brothers, down the island
ROTH, Mrs. Kate and three children
ROUDADOUX, Mrs. F. J., and two children, Murray and Cecil, and sister-in-law, Louise
ROWAN, Mrs. John and three children
ROWE, Ada and Hattie, colored
ROWE, Mrs. and three children
ROWE, George, colored
RYAN, Ada and infant, colored
RODGER, C., wife and child
RUDIREKER, and three women
RUENBUHL, Johnnie, lost at LaMarque
RUTHER, Robert, wife and six children, Forty-third and Ave. T
RUTHER, A., mother and father
RUEHRMOND, Prof., wife and two children
RUST, Margaret, Maude and Elvira, all children
RUTTER, Robert, wife and six children, Forty-third and Ave. T
RYALS, Charles, four children of, Myrtle, Wesley, Harry and Mabel
RYAN, George, wife and daughter, 4405 Ave. S 1/2

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