TARPEY, Joseph

TAYLOR, Mrs. (colored)
TAYLOR, Calvin, Sarah, Costello, (colored) 2314 Twenty-eighth
TEAQUE, Lavina (colored) and three children, Twenty-seventh, between Ave. P 1/2 and Q
TENBUSCH, George and John
TENBUSH, Steve, butcher, Forty-fourth and Ave. R
TENTENBERG, Mrs. A. S. and child
TERRELL, Columbus, carpenter, wife and three children;  lived at 4117 Ave. S
TERELL, Mrs. Q. V., and four children (colored), Ave. N and Fifteenth
THOMAS, PAT, and eight children, Ave. T between Thirty-sixth and Thirty-seventh
THOMAS, Nowen and Nathaniel
THOMAS, Milton (colored) Eleventh and Ave. M
THOMAS, MR. and Mrs. B. W., and three children
THOMPSON, Thomas, wife and four children
THOMPSON, _____, wife and three children
THOMSSEN, Mrs. W. D. and three children, down the island
THURMAN, Mrs. (colored)
TIAN, Mrs. Clement and three children
TICKLE, H. J., wife and two children
TICKLE, Mrs. James, Sr.
TIGGS, Lavinia and daughter (colored)
TILLEBACH, Mrs. Charles and three children
TILSMAN, Robert, wife and five childre, 46 Broadway
TIX, Herman
TOLD, Seihel, Sr., aged 76 years, Thirty-seventh and Ave. M 1/2
TOLOMEI, Paul, wife and two children
TORR, T. C., wife and five children
TOVREA, Sam, wife and four children
TOZER, Mrs. G. M.
TOZER, Miss Berna, Thirty-second and Ave. Q 1/2
TRAHAN, Mrs. H. V. and child
THREADWELL, Mrs. J. B. and child
TRAVERS, Mrs. H. C. and son Sheldon
TREBOSIUS, Mrs. George
TREBOSIUS, Fred, Thirty-first and Ave. S
TRICKHAUSEN, Mrs., an old lady
TRIPO, an oysterman
TRIPO, Bosick
TROSTMAN, E., wife and three children
TUCKER, Mr. and Mrs. and one child
TUCKETT, Walter, wife and child, Ave. Q and Twenty-seventh
TURNER, Angeline (colored)
TURNER, Mrs. K., and little girl
TURNER, Mr. and Mrs.

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UDELL, Oliver, wife and child, Forty-fifth and Ave. U

UHL, Mrs. Chris and four children, Forty-fifth and Ave. K
UNDERHILL, Carpetner, and wife, two weeks from El Paso, formerly from Michigan
UNGER, E., wife and four children (Frank, Eddie and Sophie saved), Forty-fifth and Broadway
UITT, Mary, of Houston
ULRIDGE, Adelaide (colored)
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VALETON, Mrs. and Miss Marie, lost and Giozza residence

VAMEY, Mrs. B. (colored)
VAN BUREN, Herman, wife and three children
VAN LIEW, Mollie (colored)
VARNELL, Jim, wife and six children, Kinkead addition
VASSENROOT, Edward, wife andtwo children
VAUGHN, Miss May, Eleventh and Mechanic
VAUGHT, Edna, child of W. J. Vaught
VELIN, Mrs. H.
VINING, Mrs. Annie and four children (colored)
VINNIE, Miss Annie (colored)
VISCO, Franovich
VISCOVITCH, Magdalena, daughter of Mrs. Veleda Viscovitch, Ave. N 1/2 and Seventeenth
VITORETTA, Mrs. N. L., Twenty-seventh and Ave. P 1/2
VITOVITCH, John and family
VOGEL, Mrs. Henry Cl, and three children
VOGEL, Mrs. and daughter Bertha, Twenty-seventh and Ave. P
VOLGER, Mrs. F., and daughter, Bertha
VORDENBAUMEN, Mrs. and children
VULETUCH, Andrew, wife and daughter, down the island
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