Other tips on preparing for your interview

You should read all of the other materials in this website on preparing to answer questions, dress code, etc.  A few other miscellaneous thing you should do are:

  1. Take copies of your resume, transcript, sample reports or class projects you did well on

  2. Make a list  of exactly what you learned in each of your classes and in the clubs you joined, and the service organizations you participated in and how you expect to use that material in the future.

  3.  Read over the employer’s web site very carefully to see what they do for a living. 

  4. Know where they have offices.

  5. Know the names of the people in the company if they are listed, and the positions they hold. 

  6. Know what jobs they have worked on in the past and are currently working on. 

  7. Google those jobs and make sure you know what the project was for. 

  8. See if you can find out what part the employer played on the project.

  9. If you see unfamiliar terms like Corbels, go to http://dictionary.reference.com/ and make sure you know what it is.  Anything they advertise that they do for a living, you should know the meaning and definition of all the terms.

  10. For example, go to Brown & Gay

  11. Click on About Us, then Services.

  12. Watch the videos, read the white papers.

  13. Go back and click on Careers.

  14. See the cities where they work, what they do, who are they currently hiring,

  15. Anything you can learn about the company is useful. and impressive to the interviewer.

  16. DO NOT bring up any of this knowledge during the interview yourself.  You should only use it in response to questions like "Are you familiar with where we work?"  Then and only then you reply "Yes ma'am, mostly in Texas, Austin, Houston, the Woodlands, ... "