Security Clearance Recommendation

Certainly, although you will have to send me more information beyond that listed in Section 4, and email it to me, and very preferably give me a call at 979-845-4395 so I can chat with you about how you have been doing over the last 7 years.  Every little thing you can remind me about what activities you did and who you knew here at A&M, plus fill me in on what companies and the names of people who you have since worked for, who you have since met, what you did on your jobs, what other students you ran with here at A&M that you have kept in contact with, what organizations you were in here at A&M and have joined since, what public services you have worked on lately, which groups you have joined since you graduated, why you need a security clearance (if permitted), etc.

Everything you can tell me to help me remember these things that you probably already told me about in your numerous visits to A&M and calls and emails we traded over the years but which I have forgotten, will help.  These people are very serious about finding out who you are, and my having to say I don't know when I really should remember that you told me years ago about presenting a paper to the International Association of Engineers in France is not a minus, but it's certainly not a plus either.

Especially, giving me a phone call is by far the most important.

Do I think you have turned into a terrorist over the years while moving up to head the division at a major engineering company?  Not at all.  But they may.

: )

I look forward to working with you on this, and good luck,