CVEN 646

Foundations on Expansive Soils

Course Description:  Properties of partially saturated soils, analysis of beams and plates on foundations, slab-sub grade friction, design of slabs and drilled piers, soil improvement techniques, risk analysis and foundation rehabilitation operations.

Spring 2005

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Schedule:  Tue & Thur       12:45 PM - 2:0 PM       CVLB 115


Introduction to Foundations on Expansive Soils



Assignment No. 0 Assignment No. 1- Page 1
Assignment No. 1 - Page 2 Assignment No. 1 - Page 3
Assignment No. 3 Assignment No. 4
Assignment No. 5  


Excel Spread Sheets

Bare Soil Horizontal Barrier Bare Soil Vertical Barrier
Constant Suction Bare VOLFLO Constant Suction Grassy VOLFLO
Flower Bed Horizontal Barrier Flower Bed Vertical Barrier
Grass Horizontal Barrier Grass Vertical Barrier
Sample Value Bare Soil Suction Profile
Tree Horizontal Barrier Tree Vertical Barrier
Design of Drill Shafts  



Characterization of Expansive Soils in Engineering Closed Form Solutions Horizontal Flow
Closed Form Solutions Vertical Flow Engineering Structures in Expansive Soils
Estimating Soil Swelling Behavior with Soil Classification Foundations and Pavement on Unsaturated Soils
Foundations on Expansive Clays Foundations on Expansive Soils
Hydraulic Conductivity vs Salt Concentration Modeling Reliability in Pavement
Notes on Volume Change and flow Calculations in Expansive Soils Prediction of Movement in Expansive Clays
Suction vs Volumetric Water Content Table 2.1 Roughness Statistics
The Characterization of Expansive Soils in Engineering The Structural Analysis of Footings on Expansive Soils
VOLFLO Users Guide Volume Change in Unsaturated Soils
Road Roughness Design of Drilled Shafts in Expansive Clays

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Glass Soil Report