Mark W. Burris, Ph.D.


Herbert D. Kelleher Professor

Zachry Department of Civil Engineering

Texas A&M University

DLEB Building Room 301B       

3136 TAMU                               

College Station, TX 77843

Voice: 979-845-9875

Fax: 979-845-6481


Research Area: Transportation Economics

My efforts in teaching, research, and service all focus on improving critical analysis and decision making processes to optimize the use of, and investment in, transportation infrastructure.  My motivation lies in knowing that there are finite resources available for transportation and transportation engineers have an obligation to society to maximize the benefits derived from these resources.  In addition, it is rewarding to see your ideas implemented - resulting in improvement to peopleís daily travel.  To date, much of my research has focused on innovative tolling strategies to maximize the use of existing infrastructure.  As a byproduct of this research I have investigated traveler's true values of travel time savings and reliability plus their behavioral change due to changes in travel cost.



Dr. Burrisís main area of interest is traveler behavior in response to pricing, particularly congestion (or value) pricing.  He has been, and continues to be, involved in many projects in this area and has published extensively in this area of research.  He has served in an evaluation and monitoring role for projects around the country, including the Houston Value Pricing Project, HOT lanes in Atlanta, Minnesota and LA, and the Lee County Variable Pricing Pilot Project.  He has also led many studies and surveys on how travelers will react to innovative tolling strategies and the costs and benefits associated with those projects.

His research has provided a better understanding of traveler behavior in response to tolls and helped to improve our ability to predict their reaction.  He is the immediate past chair of TRBís Transportation Economics committee, a friend of TRBís Congestion Pricing committee and a member of the Institute of Transportation Engineers.  Prior to joining Texas A&M in August 2001, he was a senior research associate at the Center for Urban Transportation Research (CUTR) in Tampa, Florida. 

Dr. Burris won the Council of University Transportation Centers (CUTC) New Faculty Member Award in 2007, the Dick and Joyce Birdwell Endowed Teaching Award in Civil Engineering in 2007 and was named the Charles H. Barclay, Jr. Ď 45 Faculty Fellow, Dwight Look College of Engineering for 2008 Ė 2009.


Ph.D., Civil Engineering, University of South Florida, 2001.

Master of Science in Engineering, University of New Brunswick, 1995.

Bachelor of Engineering, Civil Engineering Co-op Program, Technical University of Nova Scotia, 1993.


Spring 2018 courses:

      CVEN 307 - Introduction to Transportation Engineering - Syllabus

       CVEN 632 - Transportation Engineering: Economics -  Old Syllabus

Fall 2018 courses:

       CVEN 454 - Urban Planning for Engineers - Old Syllabus

       CVEN 681 - Seminar for Transportation and Materials Students - DRAFT!  CVEN 681 Syllabus - 2018C.doc


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Variable Priced Road Facilities






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2008 Transportation Group Student Award Winners:

From left to right: Jon Re [Jack E. Leisch Memorial National Graduate Fellowship, Transoft Solutions Inc. Ahead of the Curve Scholarship, ITE Outstanding Student Paper Award for District 9], Ehsanul Bari [William R. "Dick" McCasland '55 Fellowship in Traffic Engineering]Byung-Jung Park [Jacobs Engineering Scholarship & Keese-Wootan Fellowship], Mandeep Pannu  [Sherryl and Steve Hofener '77 Fellowship], Xiugang Li [SWUTC Herman Award]       

Not Pictured: Rahul Putha [International Education Fee Scholarship]


2007 Transportation Group Student Award Winners:

Back Row: Tom Hartmann [William R. "Dick" McCasland '55 Fellowship in Traffic Engineering], Rachael Stensrud [Keese-Wootan Fellowship], Ben Sperry [Keese-Wootan Fellowship], Yuangchang Xie [SWUTC Herman Award]

Front Row: Cameron Williams [Keese-Wootan Fellowship & ENO Fellowship], Kevin Lipnicky [Jacobs Engineering Scholarship]

Not Pictured: Xiugang Li [Sherryl and Steve Hofener '77 Fellowship]


2006 Transportation Group Student Award Winners:

Back Row: Zhirui Ye [Jacobs Engineering Scholarship], Geoffrey Chum [Daniel B. Fambro '73 Memorial Scholarship], Maneesh Mahlawat [Sherryl and Steve Hofener '77 Fellowship], Kevin Lipnicky [Joe L. Cooper '56 Endowed Scholarship], Naveen Mokkapati [Kimley - Horn Fellowship]

Front Row: Erin Saucier [E.B. "Bill" Cape '29 Civil Engineering Scholarship], Erin Eurek [ENO Fellowship]

Not Pictured: Marshall Cheek [William R. "Dick" McCasland '55 Fellowship in Traffic Engineering]