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Main Ongoing Projects and Grants

  • Oct 2013 to present. ‘THCM Coupled Model for Hydrate-Bearing Sediments: Data Analysis and Design of New Field Experiments (Marine and Permafrost Settings). Total around $ 485K. PI. Sponsor: DOE (Department of Energy, US).
  • Apr 2013 to present. ‘Study of Large and Continuous Settlements Observed at Giddings Subdivision’. Total $ 100K. PI. Sponsor: Union Pacific (UP).
  • Jan 2013 to present. “Rails on Shrink Swell Soils: Problems and Possible Solutions”. Total around $ 69K. PI. Sponsor: Association of American Railroads (AAR).
  • Aug 2012 to present. ‘Creep Behavior of Soil Nail Walls in High Plasticity Index (PI) Soils’. Total around $ 281K. PI. Sponsor: Texas Department of Transportation.
  • Jul 2011 to present. “RISMAC Project”. Total around $326K; TAMU amount around $ 24,3K. PI from US. Funded by the European Commission C/Marie Curie IOF. Marie Curie Fellow: Dr Marcin Zielinski.
  • Set 2011 to present. ‘Interaction Between Drilled Shafts and Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) Walls’. Total around $ 382K. CoPI. Sponsor: Texas Department of Transportation.

Recent Projects and Grants

  • Jun 2012 to Sep 2013. ‘Modeling clay materials behavior incorporating coupled chemo-mechanical phenomena’. Total around $ 130K. PI. Sponsor: Sandia National Laboratories.
  • March 2013. Travel Grant to attend the “International Workshop on Thermoactive Geotechnical Systems for Near-Surface Geothermal Energy: from Research to Practice”, hold at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland. 25th to 27th Marc. 2013. Sponsor NSF. Total $ 2K.
  • Set 2011 to Jul 2013. ‘Rapid Field Detection of Moisture Content for Base and Subgrades’. Total around $ 315K. Researcher. Sponsor: Texas Department of Transportation.
  • Jan 2009 to Dec 2013. “Biogeochemical Applications in Nuclear Decommissioning and Waste Disposal”. Consortium of UK Universities, PI Dr. Lunn (USTRAT). Assessor Work-Package 2.3. Total $ 3.0 M. Four years project, funded by EPSRC UK), reference EP/F055617/1.
  • Jun 2009 to May 2013. Project “GEO-EXCEL” (GEO-engineering EXChanges between Europe and Latin-America). Funded by EC/FP7 Marie Curie IRSES PI: 03/09 to 10/09. Invited Academic coordinator from 10/09. Total around $ 580K from European Commission
  • Oct 2006 to Dec 2010. “Numerical Modeling of Coupled Behavior in Unsaturated Soils”. Project leader. PhD student Mr. Marti Lloret. Funded by Synergy scholarship funding (UK).
  • Nov 2007 to Nov 2009. Project “MADUS”. (Modeling Anisotropy and Destructuration in Unsaturated Soils). PI. Project funded one postdoctoral research fellow for 3 years, Dr Cordao Neto Total $ 0.375M from the EC. Contract: EC/FP6 MIF1-CT-2006-040375.
  • Dec 2004 to Nov 2008. Project “MUSE” (Mechanics of Unsaturated Soils for Engineering). Member of the academic staff. Marie Curie Research Training Network, EC. Total $ 1.45M from the EC. Contact: MRTN-CT-2004-506861.
  • Feb 2005 to Jan 2009. Project “AMGISS” (Advanced Modeling of Ground Improvement on Soft Soils). Member of the academic staff. Marie Curie Research Training Network, EC. Total $ 1.55M from the EC. Contact: MRTN-CT-2004-512120.
  • Feb 2004 to Dec 2007. Project “NF_PRO” (Understanding and physical and numerical modeling of the process in the near-field, and their coupling, for different host rocks and repository strategies). Researcher. WP3. Integrated Project under the 6th Framework Program of the EC. Main partners: ENRESA (Spain); CIEMAT (Spain); UPC-CIMNE (Spain), BGR (Germany); SKB (Sweden); NIRAS/ONDRAF (Belgium); University of Wales (UK); POSIVA (Finland); SCK•CEN (Belgium); VTT (Finland); NAGRA (Switzerland), NERC-BGS (UK). Contact: FI6W-CT-2003-02389.
  • Jan 2000 to Dec 2004. Project “FEBEX II” (Full-scale Engineered Barriers EXperiment for a deep geological repository for high level radioactive waste in crystalline host rock). Continuation of FEBEX I. Researcher. Multi-disciplinary project funded by the EC and ENRESA (Spanish national company for radioactive waste management). Main partners: ENRESA (Spain); CIMNE (Spain); SKB (Sweden); POSIVA (Finland); Czech Technical University in Prague (Czech); AITEMIN (Spain); Institute of geologic and mining research, BRGM (France); ANDRA (France); BGR (Germany), NAGRA (Switzerland); Clay Technology (Sweden); VBB VIAK (Sweden); NIRAS/ONDRAF (Belgium). Contract: FIKW-CT-2000-00016.
  • Jan 1998 to Jan 2000. Project “FEBEX I” (Full-scale Engineered Barriers EXperiment for a deep geological repository for high level radioactive waste in crystalline host rock). Researcher. Funded by the EC and ENRESA. Contract: FI4WCT950006
  • Jan 1998 to Dec 1999. Project “GEOCODE” (Development of friendly interfaces for numerical codes oriented to the simulation of geotechnical and environmental problems). Researcher. Funded by Ministry of Industry and Energy, Spain.

Awards, Prizes and Other Recognitions

  • Outstanding Reviewer in 2013. Journal “Computers and Geotechnics”.
  • NRC, Canadian Geotechnical Journal, paper recognition with an “Editor’s Choice” for 2012; distinction granted to papers of particularly high caliber and topical importance. Paper: “Thermal–hydraulic–mechanical (THM) behaviour of a large-scale in situ heating experiment during cooling and dismantling” Can. Geotech. Jnl., 2012, 49:(10) 1169–1195, 10.1139/t2012-076
  • “George Stephenson Medal 2012”. Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE, UK) Prestigious award for outstanding, top papers published across all ICE Journals in 2011. Paper: Hydromechanical behaviour of a heterogeneous compacted soil: experimental observations and modeling”. Géotechnique 2011. Volume 61(5): 367 –386. DOI: 10.1680/geot.SIP11.P.015
  • Prize ‘Best Doctoral Thesis Session 2004-2005’ (2000 euros, ex-aequo). ‘Escuela Superior de Caminos Canales y Puertos’, UPC, Barcelona, Spain. September 2006.
  • Awarded medal for outstanding research paper at the International Workshop 3x4: Constitutive Modelling and Analysis of Boundary Value Problems in Geotechnical Engineering, Naples, Italy. June 2003. Paper title: “Coupled thermomechanics and beyond”.


  • Research fellowship CIMNE (UPC). January 2001 – May 2005.
  • Doctoral scholarship MUTIS program, AECI (Spanish Agency of International Cooperation). January 1998 – December 2000.
  • FOMEC program, Ministry of Education, Argentina. Scholarship to undertake the Master Course at UPC, Barcelona, Spain. January-December 1996.
  • Scholarship to attend the “XII International Course of Soil Mechanics and Engineering in Foundations”. Madrid, Spain. January-May 1994. ICI program (AECI, Spain).