Robin Autenrieth


 Dr. Autenrieth is a professor in the Department of Civil Engineering at Texas A&M University with  a joint  appointment in the Department of Environmental & Occupational Health of the Health Science Centerís School of Rural Public Health.  Dr. Autenrieth has been actively engaged in research, teaching, and service. Her research is focused on microbial systems for the degradation of target compounds (hormones, crude oil, petroleum products, explosives, chemical warfare agents, chlorinated agents, among a few others) contaminating soils and waters.  Physical and chemical processes are coupled to the microbial activity to understand the controlling parameters for optimization of performance.  With an interest in improving the link between contaminant concentrations and human exposures for predicting the potential for adverse health effects, she and her students have been working on methods to improve the risk assessment of select compounds.  She is the A.P. and Florence Wiley III Professor in Civil Engineering, is active in mentoring programs at TAMU, and works with 7-12 math/science teachers in a NSF funded summer program.

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