Funding Agency

Principle Investigator


Dollar value

Research Experience for Teachers



Butler, Autenrieth & Welsh

05-08  $375,000

Control of Nonpoint Source Loads in the Hickori Creek Sub-basin of the Lake Lewisville Watershed as a Component of a Watershed-Based Water Quality Trading Program



Olivera & Autenrieth

04-07  $842,119

Incentives for Action: Incorporating Trading Options into Watershed Improvement Plans for Lake Lewisville:  Phase II



Olivera & Autenrieth

03-04  $143,583

Life Sciences Task Force (LSTF) Program of Excellence (PoE) Proposal for the Ocean Health Observing Systems Program   



Brooks, Campbell, Romo, Giedroc, Autenrieth

03-06  $229,997

Incentives for Action:  Incorporating Trading Options into Watershed Improvement Plans for Lake Lewisville:  Phase I




02-03  $124,886
Research Experience for Teachers


NSF Butler, Autenrieth, Price 02-05  $367,261

Multi-Disciplinary Training in Solving Complex Environmental Problems



Honeycutt,Autenrieth, Fitzgerald,Gelwick, Winemiller

02-06 $400,000

Human & Ecological Risk Assessment (Through the Information Technology Center at TAMU)


NSF/ITS Autenrieth, Matlock 1/01   $94,000

Laboratory Fate and Transport Studies Of High Explosives at the Massachusetts Military Reservation     


Ogden Env. Services Autenrieth (Subcontract from U. of TX w/G. Speitel) 8/00-7/01  $103,745

Research Summaries and Specific Opportunities for Student Involvement


NSF Honeycutt, Bonner, Autenrieth 00-05  $130,468

Microorganisms for intrinsic bioremediation and bioaugmentation of block oil contaminated sites in cold climates


CRDF Autenrieth, Boronin, et al 00-03  $12,000,$54,000

Bioremediation of an Oil Impacted Wetland (College Station)


TGLO Autenrieth, Bonner 99-01    $250,000

Bioremediation of an Oil Impacted Wetland (Corpus Christi)


TGLO Bonner, Autenrieth 99-01   $1,125,000

Statistical Approach for Managing Natural Sample Heterogeneity Observed In an Oil Impacted Wetland


TAMU,OSR Mallick, Autenrieth 00-01 $25,098

Procedures to Assess the Hazards of a Superfund Site


NIEHS Safe et al


00-05 $8,563,362

($1.7 M RLA)

Bioremediation of an Oil Impacted Wetland:  Phase V


TGLO Bonner, Autenrieth 98-99 $1,125,000

Biodegradation of HMX and RDX: Reactor Systems


DOE Autenrieth, Bonner 98-99      $34,000

Analytical Support for Petroleum Oil Spills (Year 1)        


TGLO Bonner, Autenrieth 97-98 $ 15,000

Analytical Support for Petroleum Oil Spills (Year 1)


TGLO Bonner, Autenrieth 98-99 $ 11,000

Scientific Support for the Beach Watch Program


TGLO Autenrieth, Mott, McDonald, Bonner 98-99 $ 44,045

Bioremediation of an Oil Impacted Wetland:  Phase IV      


TGLO Bonner, Autenrieth 97-98  $1,500,000

ESRD Risk Correlated with Metal Nephrotoxins in Drinking Water                 


Dept. of Health & Human Services S.Bame,  Donnelly, Richardson,Ramos,Autenrieth,Harriss,Rogers, Sherman


96/98     $20,000

Biodegradation of HMX and RDX: Reactor Systems


DOE Autenrieth, Bonner 97-98 $123,000
Equipment Purchase Proposal


NSF McDonald, Autenrieth, Bonner 97-98

Bioremediation of an Oil Impacted Wetland: Phase  III


TGLO Bonner, Autenrieth 96-97  $1,375,960

Biodegradation of High Explosives (HMX&RDX) 


DOE Autenrieth, Bonner 96-97    $141,000

Bioavailability and Risk Assessment of Complex Mixtures



Donnelly, Safe, Autenrieth, McDonald     

96-99    $495,814

Combined Oxidation & Biodegradation of Wastewater Remediation


CEMR Akgerman, Autenrieth 96-97   $25,000

Association of Kidney Disease and Environmental Toxins:  A Pilot Study of Health of ESRD Incidence and nephrotoxins in Water Systems in Texas


TX. Dept. S. Bame, Autenrieth, Bramson, Bruner, Foulks, Morgan, Richardson Bame      8/96       $40,000

 SRI-In Situ Environmental Research



Akgerman, Autenrieth,Anthony,Bonner,


1996  $20,000

Evaluation of Bioremediation as an Oil Spill

Response Technology (Year 3)



TGLO Bonner, Autenrieth 95-96   $995,968

Bioremediation Operational Test Application

to Selected shoreline along the San Jacinto River



TGLO Bonner, Autenrieth 94-95   $750,000
The Degradation of Blister Agents: Chemical and Biological Approaches


NATO Autenrieth 95-97   $41,970
Development of a Selection Criteria for Oil Bioremediation Products


TGLO Bonner, Autenrieth, Ernest 93-94  $200,000
Biodegradation of High explosives ( HMX & RDX)


DOE Autenrieth, Bonner 95-96    $92,000
Biological Mineralization of Munition grade GB from the U.S. Chemical ( SMCCR - Stockpile RSB)


DoD Autenrieth, Bonner, Harvey 94-97   $75,000
Bioremediation of Petroleum Contaminated Gulf Coast Tidal and Intertidal Systems


TGLO Bonner, Autenrieth, Ernest, Krauss 93-96 $2,800,000
A Biodegradation Study for Compounds Partitioning Multiple Phases



Autenrieth, Bonner 93-95  $64,366
Biodegradation of Sediment PCB -  Remediation Logistics and Fundamentals


NYS Bonner, Autenrieth 92-95  $122,666
An Integrated Approach to Understanding the Factors Controlling Biodegradation of Military Toxic Wastes


DoD Wild, Dale, Autenrieth, Kenerley, Donnelly 92-97  $2,300,000
Purchase of Particle Size Analyzer


TAMU-PUF Bonner, Autenrieth, Stallard, Batchelor 1991 $45,000
In-Situ Remediation through Contaminant Mobilization by Vacuum stripping combined with Biodegradation


GCHSRC Bonner, Autenrieth, Akgerman 91-92    $160,245
Processes Affecting Vertical Transport of Contaminated Sewage Sludge disposed at the 106 Mile Ocean disposal site


Battelle Research Laboratories Bonner 6 mos.  $25,000
Study of Processes affecting Particle Mediated Transport of Hazardous Materials in Marine Systems


U.S. EPA Bonner, Autenrieth 89-90  $125,000

Biotreatment of Petrochemical Refinery Waste


CEMR Bonner, Autenrieth, Akgerman 89-91  $19,300
In Situ Soil Remediation: Biodegradation combined with Enhanced Mobilization


GCHSRC Bonner, Autenrieth, Akgerman 89-91  $211,225
Microbial Degradation of Hazardous Wastes to to Non-Toxic end products


GCHSRC Bonner, Autenrieth, Akgerman 88-90    $147,000
Vapor Extraction of Volatile Contaminants from the Unsaturated zone


TWRI Bonner, Autenrieth 87-88    $40,000
Intermedia Transport and Fate of Hazardous substances


EEF Bonner, Autenrieth 1987 $53,000
Sorption/Desorption Kinetics of Contaminants from the Unsaturated zone


TWRI Bonner, Autenrieth 87-88     $40,000
Study of Processes Affecting Particle Mediated Transport of Hazardous Materials in Marine Systems U.S. EPA Bonner, Autenrieth 87-89   



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