DOCTORAL STUDENTS (Chair)

Ph.D., Prahlad Murthy, "Development and Testing of a Monitoring Device for Toxic Vapors", co-chair, August 1992.

Ph.D., Gholum Omidi, "Quantifying Clay Shrinkage in Landfill Liners", co-chair, August 1992.

Ph.D., Bum-Han Bae,“Biodegradation of Selected Xenoiotica Compounds:  Chlorinated Phenols and 2,4,6-Trinitrotoluene,” August 1995.

Ph.D., Yanfang Zhang, “Biodegradation of Neutralized Sarin:  Technology Development Toward a Post Sarin Neutralization Process,” December 1996.

Ph.D., Benjamin Cord Harris, “Respirometric Techniques for Assessing Biological Response”, December 2001.

Ph.D., Daniel LaRiviere, “Redox changes in a wetland the impact on oil biodegradation”, December 2002.

Ph.D., Michael Sterling, “Effect of shear on colloidal  dynamics in oil dispersions”, 2003.

Ph.D., Petros Dimitriou-Christidis, Predicting PAH Biodegradability, 2004.

Ph.D., Erica Reese, Improving Risk Assessments:  Bioassay and Biodegradability Considerations, 2005.

Ph.D., Itza Mendoza-Sanchez, Effects of macroscopic and microscopic processes on groundwater bioremediation of chlorinated ethenes, December 2007

Sang Hyung Kim, Biodegradation of Estrogenic Compounds, August 2009

Ph.D., Julianna Camacho, Biodegradation Kinetics in Packed Columns, May 2009

D.E., Diane Hurtado, December 2009

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MASTERS STUDENTS (52 as Chair/ Co-chair)

M.S., Jennifer Stark, December 2007

M.S., Matthew Smith, January 2007

M.E., Hannah Wilner, December 2005

M.S., Anurdha Desai, “Microbial degradation kinetics of complex PAH mixtures”, August 2005

M.S., Oluwaseun Olatubi, “Fungal degradation of PAH mixtures as a model for human metabolism,” December 2005

M.S., Pradipta Basu, “Evaluation of biological treatment for the degradation of petroleum hydrocarbons in a wastewater treatment,” May 2005

Wei-Chun Lin, "The Wastewater Treatment System in Texas A&M Fire Training School", July 2004

Abhiram Krishnan, "Environmental Risk Assessment using Monte Carlo Methods", June 2004

            M.E., Keith O’Connor, “Environmental Field Program”, December 2002.

M.E., Christopher Strecker, “Ecological Risk Assessment”, December 2002.

M.S., Tiffany Rogers, “Effect of Shear on Oil with and without Dispersant,” September  2001 .

            M.E., Adam Fisher, “Ecological Risk Assessment”, December 2001.

            M.S., Erica Reese, “Human Health Risk Assessment,” November 2001.

M.S., Ramasubramanian Narayan*, “Use of Neural Network to Predict Enzymatic Hydrolysis”, August 2001.

M.E., Jean DeMontal*, “The Cost Evolution of Membrane Treatment,” June 2001.

M.E., Diego Cabrales-Segovia*, “A Study of Lead Removal from Aqueous Solutions Using Activated Alumina,” July 2001.

M.E., Ami Baxi*, “Study of Drip Emitter Clogging,” May 2001.

M.S., Nathaniel Thornburg, “Population Shifts in Petroleum Degrading Microorganisms Measured by DNA Extraction,” December 2000.

M.S., Todd Townsend, “MPN Assessment of Microbial Response to the Biodegradation of Oil Applied to a Wetland”, December 1999.

M.S., Cydney Bizelle, “Petroleum Biodegradation Kinetics Subsequent to Oil Application to a Wetland to Evaluate Chemical Remediation”, May 1999.

M.S., Madhumohan Kodikanti, “Influence of Chromium on the Biodegradation of RDX AND HMX”, August 1998.

M.S., Mark Simon, “Evaluation of Two Commercial Bioaugmentation Products for Enhanced Removal of Petroleum from a Wetland,” June 1998.

M.E., Linda Gaines, “Transport Phenomenon for Fixed Film Biodegradation Processes”, May 1997.

M.E., Prabah Krishnan, “Microbial Inhibition Mechanisms due to Exposure to Chromium”, May 1997.

M.S., Michael Jankowski, “Biodegradation of HMX,” March 1997.

M.S., U. Anura Aturaliye, "Biodegradation of Nitroaromatic Compounds", May 1997.

M.S., Christopher Wenaas, “Fluoride Removal from Neutralized Sarin,” August 1996.

M.S., Michael Hallgarth, “Biodegradation of RDX,” August 1996.

            M.S., Andy Alden*, “Evaluation of an Experimental 3-D Groundwater Flow Meter Through Comparison to Conventional Methods of  

           Aquifer Characterization", 1996.

M.S., Lance Aldrich*, “Transport of Nutrients from Land Application of Solids Waste”, September 1996

M.E., Tony Hauser*,  “On Site Wastewater Remediation”, May 1996

M.E., Robert Card, “Review of the Biodegradation of HMX and RDX,” May 1996

M.E., Joel Cantwell, "Land Application of Sewage Sludge"

M.S., Anand Sivaraju, "Individual Microbial Roles in the Biodegradation of TNT by a Consortia Population"

M.E., Sandra Lorfing, "Microbial Interactions for the Biodegradation of Xenobiotic Compounds,” Oct. 1994

M.E., Mark Wetters, "Use of Wetlands for Wastewater Treatment," Nov. 1994

M.E., Andrew Deitchman, "Environmental Aspects of Transportation Engineering," May 1994

M.S., Daniel Biles, "Testing Liner Materials:  Solvents and Sorbents", Dec. 1993

M.E., Shannon Marquez, "Review of Oil Spill Remediation Technologies in Alaska", Nov. 1993

M.E., Shahjabeen Hanif, "Review of Fermentation Generated Wastewater and Their Treatment", Nov. 1993

M.E., Cynthia Labaniego, "Compliance with the Air Quality Standards", Dec. 1993.

M.S., Raval Pushpendra, "Remediation of Oil Well Drilling Pits", Dec. 1993.

M.S., Donnell Wilcox, "Biodegradation of Volatilized Trichloroethylene", Nov. 1993.

M.E., David Reasons, "Comparison of Technologies for Remediation of Petroleum Products", Aug. 1993.

M.S., Jeffery Ayers, "Sorption/Desorption Kinetics Using Centrifugal Elutriation", May 1993.

M.E., Lynette Holesovsky, "Feasibility Assessment for Bioremediation at Leaking Underground Storage Tank Sites", May 1993.

M.E., David Latimer, "Bioremediation of Munitions Wastes", May 1993

M.S., Harriet Shannon, "The Determination of Area Source Emission Factors Using Whole Air Sampling", May 1992.

M.E., Kilty Baskin, "Kinetic Characterization of the Biodegradation of Complex Organic Compounds in Continuous Flow Reactors", June 1991.

M.S., Emily McCreary, "Multicomponent Hazardous Wastes Using Activated Sludge Bacteria", May 1991.

M.S., Jon Ginn, "Use of Centrifugal Elutriation for the Quantitative Separation of Natural Suspensions", March 1990.

M.S., Reagan C. Rorschach, "Desorption of Hexachlorobiphenyl from Selected Particulate Matter", August 1989.

M.S., Mauricio Cardenoza, "In Situ Soil Reclamation by Air Stripping and Sludge Uptake", June 1989.


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