CVEN 305 (501) Fall 2007

Course Description

CVEN 305. Mechanics of Materials. (3-0). Credit 3. I, II, S

Applications of conservation principles and stress/deformation relationships for continuous media to structural members; axially loaded members; thin-walled pressure vessels; torsional and flexural members; shear; moment; deflection of members; combined loadings; stability of columns; nonsymmetrical bending, shear center; indeterminate members; elastic foundations. Prerequisite: CVEN 221.



CVEN 221 or other course in Engineering Mechanics: Statics. This is an important prerequisite.

Upper level major in engineering.


To introduce students to applications of stress and deformation relationships for structural members subjected to axial, torsional, and bending loads, and thin-walled pressure vessels.  Students will study stress and deformation of structural members under combined loadings, stability of columns, nonsymmetrical bending, including indeterminate members.

Required Texts

Gere, Mechanics of Materials, 6th Edition



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Other Important Information

As discussed 9/6/07: Weekly quizes will be given on Thursdays, and will be based on (or similar to) one of the homework problems assigned to be turned in on the previous Thursday or on Tuesday of the week of that quiz. In other words, one of the two most recent assignments, not counting the one due on the date of the quiz.


Final Exam Schedule

The official final exam schedule is on the TAMU Registrar's webpage. It says our final exan will be: Monday, 10 December 2007, 1:00 pm-3:00 pm (in the usual meeting room). Students are allowed to bring two sheets (8.5x11 inches) of notes (on one side only) for the exam. Otherwise it is closed book.