Water Rights Analysis Package (WRAP) Modeling System

WRAP simulates management of the water resources of river/reservoir systems subject to priority-based water allocation and performs statistical frequency and reliability analyses of simulation results. The modeling system facilitates assessment of hydrologic and institutional water availability and reliability for specified water regulation and use requirements. Basin-wide impacts of water resources development projects and management strategies may be evaluated. The software package is generalized for application to any river/reservoir system, with input files being developed for the particular river basin of concern. The latest (July 2018) version of the software and manuals may be downloaded from this site along with input files for the examples in the manuals and descriptions of additions and revisions reflected in current and past versions.

WRAP is documented by Reference (July 2018), Users (July 2018), Fundamentals (July 2018), Daily (July 2018), Hydrology (2013), and Salinity (2009) Manuals accessible through the download table below. The manuals are published as Texas Water Resources Institute (TWRI) technical reports (TRs) and are also available along with other related TRs cited in the manuals at the TWRI website. Several of the other TWRI reports can also be downloaded from the table below.

WRAP is incorporated in the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) Water Availability Modeling (WAM) System. Development and expansion of WRAP has been sponsored by the TCEQ in collaboration with other agencies and the Texas water management community. An array of WAM information including WRAP input datasets for all the river basins of Texas is accessible through the TCEQ WAM website.

The TCEQ WAM System and original WRAP are based on a monthly computational time step. The daily WRAP modeling capabilities described in the Daily Manual are still in a developmental status. Daily WAM datasets for case study river basins are under development and are not available at present through the download table. 

The last selection in the download table provides access to developmental test versions of WRAP software currently being modified and drafts of relevant documents.  The draft folder is empty at present.


WRAP Software Executable Programs
WRAP Manuals Manuals
Input Files for Examples Examples
Additions and Revisions Report Modifications
Other TWRI Publications Other Reports
Daily WAM Reports Daily WAM Reports
Daily WAM Input Files Daily WAM Datasets
Draft Software and Manuals Drafts

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