Water Rights Analysis Package (WRAP) Modeling System

WRAP simulates management of the water resources of a river basin or multiple-basin region under a priority-based water allocation system. The model facilitates assessment of hydrologic and institutional water availability and reliability for specified water use requirements. Basin-wide impacts of water resources development projects and management strategies may be evaluated. The software package is generalized for application to any river/reservoir system, with input files being developed for the particular river basin of concern. WRAP is documented by Reference and Users Manuals, an introductory Fundamentals Manual, and other manuals covering specific aspects of the modeling system.


The latest (August 2013) version of the software and manuals may be downloaded from this site along with input files for the examples in the manuals and a description of modifications reflected in various versions of the model. The manuals are also available along with other technical reports cited in the manuals at the Texas Water Resources Institute TWRI website. WRAP is incorporated in the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) Water Availability Modeling (WAM) System.  WAM System datasets for the river basins of Texas and related information are accessible through the TCEQ WAM web site.


A comparative review of generalized reservoir/river management modeling systems including WRAP and other models may also be downloaded from this site.  This report (TWRI TR-282) is designed to assist practitioners in selecting and applying generalized models in various situations and to support continuing research and development efforts in improving modeling capabilities.



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