Dr. Scott A. Socolofsky

Dr. Scott A. Socolofsky,
Associate Professor and Zachry Development Professor II

Division Head, Coastal and Ocean Engineering Division




Ph +1-979-845-4517
FAX +1-979-862-8162

Research Interests

My research is in the broad area of Environmental Fluid Mechanics, with emphasis on laboratory experiments and data analysis to elucidate mixing mechanisms by turbulence and coherent structures. Current research projects study turbulent mixing processes in three contexts: (1) multiphase plumes, (2) shallow tidal inlets, and (3) coastal wetlands. See the Research pages for more details.


Environmental Fluid Mechanics, multiphase flow, direct ocean carbon sequestration, reservoir management, stratified fluids, shallow flow stability, shallow starting jet vortices, tidal inlet mixing, wetland hydrodynamics, aquatic vegetation.


Work related to the Deepwater Horizon (see also Announcements below) is summarized in the linked AGU Ocean Sciences Poster and Plume Animation.

Teaching Interests

My teaching activities are focused on fluid mechanics and numerical methods. I am currently developing a new set of courses on environmental fluid mechanics and computer programming, See the Teaching pages for more details.

This semester I will be teaching

Office hours are available on my Meeting Schedule.


Two new projects supported by the BP/Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative have been established in which Dr. Socolofsky is participating. For these projects, Dr. Socolofsky will focus on near-field processes, modeling through laboratory, field and numerical simulations the initial partitioning of spilled oil and gas in the water column. These two consortia include the Gulf Integrated Spill Research (GISR) Consortium led by Texas A&M University (with Dr. Socolofsky as chief scientists) and the Center for Integrated Modeling and Analysis of Gulf Ecosystems (C-IMAGE) led by the University of South Florida. The AGU poster linked above under Multimedia gives a good introduction to the work already initiated by Dr. Socolofsky and colleagues under this new line of funding. Previous funding on the Deepwater Horizon through an NSF RAPID grant has been published in Socolofsky et al. (2011) Geophysical Research Letters.

Dr. Socolofsky has been appointed the Division Head for Coastal and Ocean Engineering in the Zachry Department of Civil Engineering at Texas A&M University. To learn more about ocean engineering at Texas A&M University, visit our Web Site. He has also been awarded the Zachry Career Development Professorship II by the Department.