CVEN 489-501:
Special Topics on Mixing and Transport in the Environment
Spring 2005

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Last year's assignments are archived here

Refer to the course syllabus for grading and homework policies.  Remember that, where applicable, the solution to each problem must at least contain:

  • A brief statement of the problem
  • A sketch
  • A list of all important assumptions made in solving the problem
  • The general form of the equations used to solve the problem
  • An equation with the plugged-in numbers and the highlighted solution

Failure to include one of these elements will result in lost credit for the problem.

Date out / due Problems Solutions
19 Jan / 26 Jan HW1:  Definitions, concentration, and diffusive flux Soln1
26 Jan / 2 Feb HW2:  Fick's law and the diffusion equation Soln2
2 Feb / 9 Feb HW3:  Diffusion equation and the instantaneous point-source solution Soln3
9 Feb / 16 Feb HW4:  Advective diffusion equation and principle of superposition Soln4
18 Feb / 25 Feb HW5:  Exam Review Soln5
9 Mar / 23 Mar HW6:  Properties of turbulence and turbulent diffusion Soln6
30 Mar / 6 Apr HW7:  Longitudinal dispersion Soln7
14 Apr / 20 Apr HW8:  Physical, chemical and biological transformation Soln8
29 Apr / 3 May HW9:  Boundary exchange and atmospheric mixing (extra credit)  

Group project

The group project is to research a topic from the course in detail and to prepare a written and oral report.  Each project will have a minimum of one primary reference article and two supporting articles, each taken from published scientific journals.  The following files are related to the project:

File Description
Project_05a.pdf Description of the project and its contents
Group_Project.ppt Presentation describing the group project
Evaluation.pdf Individual team members evaluation form MS-Word template file.  Open in Word, then save as fname.doc
Style_manual.pdf Description of the proper formatting to be used in the written report
Paper_how-to.pdf General description of how to write a research journal article


This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. CTS-0348572.  Any opinions, findings and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation (NSF).



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