ENGR 102: Engineering Lab I - Computation


Dr. Scott A. Socolofsky,
A.P. and Florence Wiley Professor II


DLEB 309-i
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MW 3:00-4:50 p.m. in ZACH 212




Dr. Scott A. Socolofsky
Ph +1-979-845-4517
FAX +1-979-862-8162

Numerical simulation of the Sumatra Tsunami that occurred in December, 2004. Red and yellow show higher than average and blues show lower than average water surface elevation. Calculated by Dr. Lynett using the COULWAVE model. Click on the image to view an animation of the simulation results.  

Course Description

ENGR 102 Engineering Lab I - Computation (1-3). Credits 2. Introduction to the design and development of computer applications for engineers; computation to enhance problem solving abilities; basic concepts of software design through the implementation and debugging of student-written programs; introduction to engineering majors, career exploration, engineering practice within realistic constraints, e.g. economic, environmental, ethical, health and safety, and sustainability; pathways to success in engineering.

Prerequisites: Grade of C or better in MATH 151, or concurrent enrollment; admission to the College of Engineering.

Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to design, create, and execute computer programming solutions to engineering problems.

To achieve this goal, students will learn to:


Structured computer programming, Python, numerical methods, root finding, arrays and matrices, numpy, scipy, matplotlib