ENGR 111A:  501-503.
Foundations of Engineering 1, Fall 2004

S. Socolofsky > ENGR 111A

Foundations of Engineering 1, Fall 2004

Pictorial showing orthographic views of a angled brace created using AutoCAD.

Scott A. Socolofsky
CE/TTI 802B, (979) 845-4517
Office hours:  M 2:00-3:00, TRF 10:00-11:00, or by appointment

Steve Hughes
CVLB 239, (979) 845-6213
Office hours:  M-R 10:00-11:00, or by appointment

Teaching Assistants:
Zoya Pastakia (PS)
(979) 575-1406
Office hours:  see schedule, or by appointment

Peer Teacher:
Stephanie Raines
Office hours:  CVLB 315, T 6:00-10:00 pm

Computer Labs:
During the day:  CVLB 416
After classes:  CVLB 315, 319 & 421

Course Meeting Times:
TR 8:00-9:50 pm, CVLB 315

Course Objectives

The objective of this course is to help students acquire a basic knowledge of engineering computing and technical drawing by helping students to learn:

  • Problem-solving analysis
  • Flow charting, coding, debugging and testing
  • Displaying computer results using text, graphical outputs, and computer aided design programs
  • Working in teams and benefiting from active-collaborative learning
  • Drafting skills for conforming to the standards of technical drafting, including standard views and dimensioning
  • Analysis of parts for performance, including type of fit, tolerances, allowance, and clearance.

The skills learned through this course are also exercised through conducting a group project. 

Course Description
(From undergraduate catalog)

Foundations of Engineering 1. (1-3). Credit 2. I, II, S  Introduction to the engineering profession, ethics and disciplines;  development of skills in teamwork, problem solving, logic processing, design and drawing; emphasis on computer applications and CAD tools.  Corequisite:  MATH 151; admission to the College of Engineering




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