ENGR 212-503:
Conservation Principles in Thermal Sciences, Fall 2003


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Important Course Announcements

Please check back periodically as this page will be updated with important announcements throughout the semester.

Date Announcement
8/14 Final exam date will be set by consultation with the students.
8/14 Locations for the midterm exams will be announced once they are finalized.
8/27 Please sign the agreement to allow homework to be passed out during class.
9/17 Midterm exams locations have been determined.  See the Course Calendar.
9/24 HW5 is due on Thursday, October 2nd.
9/26 Example old exams are on the Coalition Server under the directory ENGR 212 Socolofsky then Exams.
9/30 HW 5 is due on Monday, October 6th.
10/6 You can turn in problems 4.43 and 4.44 for HW 5 on Wednesday since we have not yet covered this material.





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