ENGR 212-503:
Conservation Principles in Thermal Sciences, Fall 2003

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Refer to the course syllabus for grading and homework policies.  Remember that, where applicable, the solution to each problem must at least contain:

  • A brief statement of the problem
  • A list of all important assumptions made in solving the problem
  • The general form of the equations used to solve the problem
  • An equation with the plugged-in numbers and the highlighted solution

Failure to include one of these elements will result in lost credit for the problem.

Date out / due Problems Solutions
1 Sep / 8 Sep HW1 (PDF):  Course administration and concept questions.  
3 Sep / 15 Sep HW2 (PDF):  Problem solving, conservation of mass, temperature.  
10 Sep / 17 Sep HW3 (PDF):  Zeroth law, temperature, fluid statics, buoyancy.  
17 Sep / 24 Sep HW4 (PDF):  Properties of pure substances  
24 Sep / 6 Oct HW5 (PDF):  Property tables, ideal and real gasses  
6 Oct / 8 Oct HW6 (PDF):  Heat, work, and energy  
8 Oct / 15 Oct HW7 (PDF):  First law of thermodynamics  
15 Oct / 22 Oct HW8 (PDF):  Steady flow devices  
22 Oct / 29 Oct HW9 (PDF):  Second law of thermodynamics  
29 Oct / 10 Nov HW10 (PDF):  Entropy  
10 Nov / 12 Nov HW11 (PDF):  Entropy and ideal gases  
12 Nov / 19 Nov HW12 (PDF):  Isentropic devices and power cycles  
19 Nov / 1 Dec HW13 (PDF):  Brayton cycle, Rankine cycle, fluid flow  
1 Dec / 3 Dec HW14 (PDF):  Pipe flow, Refrigeration  


Problem statements and solutions for the in-class pop quizzes are provided in the following table.

Date given Problem Solution
22 Sep Quiz 1 (PPT)  
30 Sep Quiz 2 (PPT)  
13 Oct Quiz 3 (PPT)  
21 Oct Quiz 4 (PPT)  

Group project

The group project is now available for download and will be due on December 1, 2003, by 5:00 p.m. in WERC Rm. 235H.  Be sure to download the project files here and follow the required format in preparing your final reports.

Reports for the final class projects are available together in the Class Project Proceedings (PDF).




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