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Near Field Modeling Listserv Site

This website houses the conference call schedule and presentation downloads supporing the Near Field Modeling email ListServ.

This ListServ is private and intended to foster a discussion on near field (within 1 to 5 km radius) modeling of accidental subsea oil leaks and well blowouts. This list serve got its start through discussions by three of the Consortia recently funded by the BP/Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative (GoMRI), though the ListServ is free and participation includes many engineers, scientists and policy makers from a wide range of institutions.

In the wake of the Deepwater Horizon accident, many different teams are running, building, or developing near field models, both to hindcast the Deepwater Horizon accident and to understand risks of and aid in response during potential future accidents. These include simple analytical models and integral plume models to fully three-dimensional computational fluid dynamics models. This list serv was founded so that these developers, users, and policy makers could collaborate closely, share information, and communicate often as each project moves forward. This List Serve is one avenue to host these activities. We also host group conference calls and expect to host several modeling workshops for face-to-face discussions.

The main objective of this list serve is to support individual modeling efforts by pooling understanding in areas needed by all models (i.e., equations of state, dissolution models, hydrocarbon models, etc.). We do not expect or desire to converge on one model, but rather to help each model develop to its maximum potential. This modeling group should also work to inform laboratory and field experiments on near-field plume physics and chemistry.


Conference Call. Our new conference call will be April 30, 2013. To participate in the call, please request to join the listserv and follow the call instructions sent out via email.

Modeling Workshop. The materials presented at the first Nearfield Modeling Workshop in Berkeley, California, on November 27-28, 2012, is now available for download from the Workshop Download page.