OCEN 678: Fluid Dynamics for Ocean and Environmental Engineering


Dr. Scott A. Socolofsky,
Associate Professor


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MWF 1:50-2:40 in
CVLB 419




Dr. Scott A. Socolofsky
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Dye visualization of a shallow water vortex. This image shows half of the starting jet vortex formed by an impulsive flow through a lateral constriction, such as the flood tide through a coastal tidal inlet.  

Course Objectives

By the end of this course, students will be able to construct solutions to fluid dynamics problems applicable to their research using methods from the fluids literature. To achieve this goal, students will learn to


Fluid dynamics, environmental fluid mechanics, viscous flow, potential flow, hydrodynamic forces, boundary layers, Navier-Stokes equations, turbulence, mixing, approximation

Course Description

OCEN 678 Fluid Dynamics for Ocean and Environmental Engineering. (3-0). Credit 3. Central conservation laws; Navier-Stokes equations; steady and unsteady Bernoulli's equation; potential flow theory and basics of panel methods; laminar and turbulent boundary layer; transport equation in laminar and turbulent flow; flow past a body of any shape; scale analysis and the art of approximation. Prerequisite: CVEN 462 or approval of instructor.