Research Group

Laboratory setup for planar laser induced fluorescence of a bubble plume.

Dong-Guan Seol

Ph.D. Student. Started, September, 2004. Graduated May, 2008.

Dong-Guan Seol is funded by the U.S. NSF through the Turbulent Mixing in Multiphase Plumes project. He developed new methods for multiphase particle image velocimetry (PIV) and planar laser induced fluorescence (LIF). The PIV methods utilize vector post-processing techniques to separate bubble velocity vectors from a mixed-phase PIV vector map. The method is much simpler than traditional methods requiring fluorescent tracer particles or sophisticated image processing techniques and can be implemented using standard PIV software such as DaVis by LaVision. The LIF methods account for laser attenuation through the bubbly-region of the flow and apply image processing techniques to remove bubbles and bubble shadows from the raw images before processing to obtain concentrations. Our results show that laser reflection and dispersion from the bubbles are confined to regions in the beam path downstream of the bubbles, and introduce a very low-level noise in the shadow region of the image.


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