Research Group

Matlab graphical user interface for multiphase plume integral model.

Tirtharaj Bhaumik

Master of Science. Completed, August 2005.

Tirtharaj Bhaumik developed a multiphase plume integral model in the Matlab programming environment. The model simulates laboratory air bubble plumes, reservoir bubble plumes for aeration, oxygenation, or destratification, and direct ocean carbon sequestration plumes.

The model is built using a generalized framework so that it can be adapted to several different models described in the literature. These include mixed-phase and two-fluid models, and single-plume (having only an upward-rising inner plume of bubbles and entrained fluid) and double-plume (having an upward-rising inner plume surrounded by a descending outer ring plume of dense entrained water) models. Two different algorithms for the counter-flow entrainment in the double-plume models were also applied. For these plumes, two different detrainment algorithms were also applied: a fixed detrainment flux when the inner plume momentum approached zero (as in Asaeda and Imberger, J. Fluid Mech., 1994), and a continuous detrainment algorithm (described in Crounse, et al., J. Hydr. Eng., 2007).

The model simulations showed mild sensitivity to the two-fluid versus mixed-fluid formulation in stratified ambient conditions. Greater sensitivity is observed for the counter-flow entrainment model. Both detrainment algorithms behaved similarly.


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